How Creative Edge salon came to be


Deanna and Shiela’s story:

 The moment Creative Edge Salon came to mind, God had his hand in it. I leased the same salon suite for 18 years; I was blessed with a substantial and loyal clientele so I became comfortable because my clientele was satisfied. Right before my 18-year mark, there was a change in management. Along with the change in management, there was a change in standards. My clients and I weren’t treated properly. From setting the proper atmosphere for my clients to resolving maintenance issues throughout the salon. It began to feel like the managers were solely focused on receiving our rent checks every week. At that moment I realized my transition to “Salon Owner”, had begun. The fire sparked underneath us… Sheila was in the room beside me, so we began planning our new salon and incorporating everything that we wished for.

The first couple months, we were rejected many times, but in hindsight, it was because it wasn’t the right place for us. We had many ups and downs; we’d pray about it and then everything started to fall into place. We built every detail of Creative Edge Salons with you in mind. A full-time receptionist to assist you, and your client’s needs. Reception hours: Monday 9am-3pm Tuesday - Thursday 9am-7pm Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 8am-4pm

Once Creative Edge Salons was up and running, our clients LOVED the salon. I always thought my clients were good at the last salon, but they didn’t refer their friends and coworkers. I soon discovered they wanted to be proud of where they were going in order to send their friends to me. Once they started to come to Creative Edge Salon, my clientele doubled. They wanted a clean and friendly environment, greeted by a real receptionist, a beautiful lounge area on our outdoor covered patio, beautiful break room, a fully stocked inventory of take-home hair products, and other services options for skin, nails, and other cosmetic needs.

Our receptionist works for you! If you need lunch ordered, laundry, tearing foils, coffee or tea from our coffee bar, social media promotion or even if you need assistance shampooing your client, in a pinch, they are here for you and happy to help! We even have a system for offering new clients to anyone interested in building their clientele. Sheila and I prayed over every suite in our salon. We prayed for the success of each person that would lease from us. We understand that our success only happens with YOUR success.

When joining the Creative Edge Salons team, you’re also apart of our family and will be treated with respect. Yes, we run a business, but we are heartfelt humans first. If there’s a problem, or if something is broken, we resolve it pronto. We know when someone loses a family member or when there’s a financial struggle, things may get tough, but we are here to help. We celebrate you when it’s your birthday or if you’re bringing a little one into the world.

We started Creative Edge Salons with the intentions of franchising to other stylists in the industry. Our goal is to help stylists become owners of a salon suites like ours. WE know what WE (as stylists) need better than anyone. We feel there are too many salon owners that only desire the investments and don’t understand our industry and do not hold the passion for salon care and salon needs.

I am very strong in my faith. It’s very important to me that comes through in the way that I treat others and show respect to others (even when I don’t always receive it in return). That does not mean that I feel like you have to be a Christian to be at our salon. We do not judge; we accept you no matter your belief. But it does mean a Christian (with a good heart) will be making decisions based on what is the right thing to do, not money and greed. We strive to have a happy peaceful salon...& have done quite well at it. We have been blessed so our commitment to you: We will always try to run our salon with good ethics and high morals, keeping you in mind with all of our decisions.

God Bless,

Deanna Simonek-Jay