Lambretta Woolfolk


Pure Comfort Spa Clinique is a small business that provides a PediCARE (a therapeutic treatment for your feet) service to anyone in need of feet pampering. This service is Safe, Hygienic and Non-invasive.

Our brand is based on Relaxation-Education-Prevention (R.E.P.) in a stress-free environment, regarding Health and Wellness.

Lambretta is a licensed Cosmetologist since 1986, to include three (3) states: Colorado, Georgia and Texas. In addition, she is a Certified Master Pedicurist (CMP) and A Certified Podologist (C.Pod (I), specializing in foot care. PCSC offer services to athletes, the immune compromised, diabetics,cardiovascular and the geriatric community. They are in business to Heal-Thy Soles……one foot at a time, by appointment only. Please call for your appointment at 817-262-7903. Or see her Instagram @see_the_foot_lady #SeeTheFootLady