If you are like us and are dreaming of having baby-smooth skin once again, you need to consider dermaplaning. This procedure is perfect for those who are want to even out their complexion without the hassle of downtime.

We love dermaplaning because if you think your face feels amazing after a facial done by your skin care professional, you won’t believe the difference dermaplaning makes. This non-ablative procedure gives you the clearest and cleanest complexion of your life! Before you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment -- there are a few things you need to know.

1. Dermaplaning eliminates fine wrinkles. 
While it won’t do much for those deeper wrinkles, it can eliminates the fine wrinkles that begin to develop over time. The wrinkle is actually removed (yes, removed!) from the skin, creating the appearance of a smooth complexion. The results can last up to 6 months.

2. There is no down time with this procedure.
Facial procedures can often leave a girl with several days of downtime, but that is not the case with dermaplaning. In fact, the only side effect is smoother skin.

3. Dermaplaning removes those annoying “peach fuzz” hairs. 
Apparently, there is a second side effect to dermaplaning -- hair removal! As we age we tend to get more hair on our faces (dang hormones!) that our makeup and other products can get caught in. Dermaplaning is basically shaving -- on steroids, but make safer than hair removal creams or plucking.

4. It  may sound simple, but the results last. 
Because this procedure removes up to 3 weeks of dead skin cells that have accumulated (excuse us while we make an appointment immediately!) the results last up to 4 weeks. Now, if you have a good daily maintenance (like the Skin Medica skin care regimen ) you can prolong the results.

5. Speaking of skin care products… 
After this procedure, your skin care products will work much better as they are able to absorb directly into the skin without having to work their way through layers of dead skin.

6. An actual surgical scalpel is used. 
It’s true. A 10-gauge, sterile scalpel is used during this procedure.

7. Dermaplaning should never be tried at home. 
While it may appear to be a simple shave, it is much more complicated than tha! Surgical scalpels are much sharper that the average razor and the technique requires a delicate touch making it nearly impossible to do at home. Save yourself a few cuts on the face and leave it to the professionals.

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IPL Treatments – How many, how often, and why??

To get the very best results from IPL therapy, multiple IPL Intense Plused Light Treatments 4 weeks apart.

Why multiple treatments? Because the treatments are cumulative which allows me to treat your skin gradually so that your individual skin can receive customized assessment and treatment.

Why 4 weeks apart? Because skin cells turn over about every 28- 40 days, so we want to give the skin enough time to recover and return to its normal state before we treat it again.

Brown spots on the skin (known as “sun spots” or “age spots”) occur because under the skin there are cells called melanocytes (melan= pigment, cytes= cells). As their name implies, these cells have the potential to cause pigmentation on the skin, and things like age and chronic sun exposure cause these melanocytes to produce pigment.

When we “zap” the skin during IPL treatments, we are treating the pigment that is on the surface of the skin, but it does not treat the underlying cause, which is the presence of melanocytes. You cannot remove these cells unless you have them cut out, which would essentially cause a scar, which is not an acceptable alternative to having a brown spot!

IPL helps treat these brown spots by selectively heating up the pigment (but leaving the surrounding tissue alone and unharmed), then lifting that heated, “damaged” area to the surface of the skin where it is removed by the body’s natural exfoliation process. The brown spots that have been effectively treated typically will get darker initially over the next 24 hours, then slowly fade away over the next 1-2 weeks. Before and after IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment of brown spots on the arm


Red areas on the face typically are caused by vascular issues, meaning they are little blood vessels are visible on the surface on the skin, though not necessarily a “broken capillary” as many people call them. These vascular areas can be caused by genetics, aging, lifestyle choices (sun, smoking, alcohol use), or trauma to the skin (this includes picking at the skin!).

Rosacea is a skin condition that can cause redness in the skin, and when you look closely you may see tiny little blood vessels present just under the surface of the skin. While rosacea is a chronic skin condition, IPL can help improve the redness associated with it.

IPL works on blood vessels by heating up the red blood cells within the vessel, causing them to coagulate microscopically and preventing blood from flowing through that tiny vessel. This is not harmful to the body (like a deep vein blood clot would be) because the blood will end up flowing through a neighboring blood vessel instead of the one that has been treated. It can take up to a month for the redness in the treated area to improve, and it may appear slightly darker or more purple in color as it is healing.

Before (top) and after (bottom)- 1 IPL treatment. 4 more treatments planned, but showing improvement already!


IPL Treatment for ACNE & Acne scars-

Before and After 3 treatments- decreased inflammation & breakouts. Improvement in texture and color,

Patients often ask “Are the results from IPL permanent?” and the answer is “Yes and no.” We are constantly aging, and even despite our best attempts at sun protection, most of us still get incidental sun exposure throughout the year. Treated brown spots can return if whatever caused them in the first place (sun, age) recurs.

For that reason, we recommend completing a series of 5 treatments, and then getting a “touch up” treatment once or twice a year in non summer months, to remove some of the signs of sun damage and aging that they may have accumulated over the past year.

Sometimes a specific brown spot that resolved with IPL treatment may come back months or years later. This does not mean the treatment did not work, but rather, the treatment worked and the spot returned due to aging and lifestyle factors, and it should respond well to another treatment.

IPL treatments work very well to reduce and remove brown and red spots on the skin and create an overall better complexion. However, as this treatment has “minimal or no downtime”, it is necessary to do 3-5 treatments to achieve the very best results.

Maintaining skin with a recommended skin care therapy, such as Elta MD will help to maintain and protect your results.

Staying out of the sun for at least 2 weeks before and after the treatment is an absolute requirement so as to avoid any adverse reaction related to the treatment, which is why we generally advise patients start their treatment series in the fall or winter so that they are done before summer and can be well-protected from excess sun exposure.For that reason, we recommend completing a series of 5 treatments, and then getting a “touch up” treatment once or twice a year in non summer months, to remove some of the signs of sun damage and aging that they may have accumulated over the past year.

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